Their right to protest, My right to boycott.

They say they have a right to not stand during the National Anthem, obstensibly to protest social injustice.  That in and of itself is a very communist thing to do.  However, as a veteran I also have a right to not open my wallet, or my living room to the NFL.

I do think that these people could find another way to protest, without the slap in the face of those who have given all to give them the right to protest this way. Until this stops, I’ll not buy NFL merchandise, tickets, good, or tune into a game.  I will further not buy products from the sponsers of coverage for the NFL.

Besides, there are other places for them to live.  You either support the country you live in or you can go elsewhere, since you have it so bad here.


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God Speed, John GLenn, You will be missed!

(July 18, 1921 – December 8, 2016)

John Glenn, senator, and the first human to orbit the planet, has passed on to the permanent orbit. We wish you – God Speed, John Glenn.  You are a true American Legend.

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Items For Sale

We have several items for sale, lots of books, collector plates, a Lowery Genie 44 Organ, and much more.  All items are negotiable or will be very low priced.  Browse them on the For Sale page. A message may be left to if needed. I do not check this regularly.

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HAM Clubs – It is just sad.

It is just sad how many of the clubs today are stuck in a rut.  We join clubs to socialize, and enjoy our hobby together.  We join clubs to learn about new and interesting technology.

What we usually find is a bunch of folks who argue about things that really do not mean anything to the larger community of Hams.   We also find that the local politics and crap gets in the way.  We end up being a member for a short while. Then we drop out of the club because we are tired and usually more than a bit angered that we have found another petty, bickering club.

I know how this works, I have been in the Pres position, and we can operate with or without local politics getting in the way.  We can do what we do, even if there is no local support, albeit a bit harder to do.

This requires folks to keep their negative, non productive arguments to themselves.  It requires an attitude toward “How can I help this succeed?  What can I offer that is positive?  How do we as a group solve the issue?”

This is the hard part.  The old standby of “We can’t do that because we’ve always done it some other way” attitude must be rejected.

All of us have our contribution to make, and we all have different areas of expertise.  The key is to nurture those, and mentor effectively.  The key is to have a vibrant local group, working together, bringing a positive change to the HAM community.

The key to that is effective leadership, effective community involvement, and keep engaging all HAMS, not just the old ones.  You have to engage the young ones too.  Remember Old Sparks, there is “NO AGE RESTRICTION” on a license.

I can tell you, that until a new attitude, and a new way of operating the clubs are forged, they will all remain stuck in a rut, and filled with folks that you do not want to pay dues to associate with.  So unless change is in the wind, membership rates will fall, nothing will get done, and it will just be a collection of old attitudes swapping spit in petty arguments.

Yes, occasionally a positive thing, but mostly, just there to provide one evenings debate entertainment to folks who may otherwise not get out much.

Thats my two cents.


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Introduction to Emergency Disaster Services

Here’s something for each HARC and ARES member to look into:

Source: Gowanda News – November 29, 2014

The Salvation Army has introduced a no-cost online course “Introduction to Emergency Disaster Services” for those interested in becoming a SA Volunteer when a disaster strikes. The course offers a basic understanding on how the SA responds to disasters at both the local and national levels. Topics include different phases of disaster response, how to respond in our community and how to care for yourself and others in a crisis.

This introductory class provides participants with an overview of the SA mission and its role in disaster work. The course also covers how volunteers can prepare and equip themselves for a disaster deployment.

To get started, create an account on the Salvation Army’s Emergency Disaster Services website at:

At the site, click on “Create an Account” in the upper right hand corner to begin. Registration takes a few minutes. The online course will be offered quarterly throughout 2015. This course is a prerequisite for advanced training.

For more information, email Stephanie Nicklas at:

Taking this course will improve your emergency response abilities.

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Lowery Genie 44 / Bench – For Sale

Lowery_Genie_44_with_Bench_webNew these were quite expensive. There is only one minor cosmetic ding on the front below the keyboards.

This comes with a bench, and works well. You can contact me at: if you are seriously considering an reasonable offer.

All reasonable offers will be considered.

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VX8DR For Sale

Greetings All,

I have for sale a gently used Yaesu VX8-DR with the GPS Unit for APRS.

This is the unit with TNC/AX.25/APRS built in, and is a QUAD BAND/Dual Watch Unit.

2M/70CM/1.25M/6M and is a very, very Capable HT.

Also includes the power supply charger, and the RT Systems Programming Software and Cable.

Best Offer Above $350.00 will be accepted. New price would be slightly above $560.00 with all of the included items.

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IS Courses for ARES/RACES

Why must one always dig to find information in this information centric world of ours?  Here is a summary of useful training materials for taking the required courses for HAM based participation in the RACES/ARES groups within the community.

FEMA Courses – The easiest way to take the courses is to go to the course, and look at the right hand border, and download the Student Manual for each course.  Also while you are there, download the Final Exam Questions in PDF format, print them out, and select your answers on your printout, while reviewing the manual on your computer.  Do be careful, when going back to take the final exam online, they do move the questions around on some of the tests.

Once you have finished with the test, you will fill out a form, and receive a link to the certificate if you have passed via email.

Go to the FEMA | Emergency Management Institute

Just to the right of the Logo Photo and in the blue area, Click “ISP Course List”

Or go there directly using the following link.

Required for RACES, and useful to ARES are:

IS-100.b Introduction to Incident   Command System, ICS-100 -(10/12/2010)
IS-700.a National Incident   Management System (NIMS) An Introduction -(12/22/2008)  

Further recommended are the following:

IS-200.b ICS for Single Resources   and Initial Action Incidents -(10/12/2010)
IS-800.b National Response   Framework, An Introduction -(2/4/2008)


IS-802 Emergency Support   Functions (ESF) #2 – Communications -(8/6/2008)


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Shuttle Discovery Photos

On April 17th, the SCA piggy-backed the Space Shuttle Discovery for a tour around the Washington DC area.

By virtue of my work QTH, our building is right under the approach to Dulles runway 1R.  We are about 1 mile from the end of the runway, but it made for some pretty good photos.

I’ll be happy to send the link to get the .ZIP package(s) of these photos to any HAM, as long as they request them via e-mail, ” “.

There are two packages available the small one,  56 MEG which has about 40 photos and the main pass by & the large one which includes all 114 photos which includes all including even way off in the distance pass by, and down behind the treetops.  This one is 165 MEG.  Please be sure to tell me which package you want!!

Please bear in mind that these are Copyright (c) 2012 – Curtis Campbell – KB3WHX.

Other than the request not to post them all over, please do enjoy.  You can view them here as well, although at a much lower resolution.  Photos

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